Silikal MMA Floor Coating

Silikal reactive resins are based on methylmethacrylate in short called MMA resin floor. The hardening of the silikal reactive resins is achieved by the addition of a hardening powder as the second component.This chemical reaction is called polymerization.

Silikal reactive resin coating are based on quick hardening which proves to be an ideal product for new projects and renovations of concrete floors of all kind. This reactive resin can be applied on concrete, cement screed, ceramic tiles, steel, etc

Advantages on this product

  1. 100% curing in 1 hour time.
  2. Cure even at very low temperature.
  3. Slip resistance.
  4. Protection against high mechanical and chemical stress.
  5. Hygienic and easy to clean.

Where Silikal reactive resins be used ?

  • Commercial Kitchen and Beverage Industry.
  • Meat and Fish Processing Plant.
  • Bakery Industry
  • Airports
  • Sanitary Rooms
  • Outdoor Areas
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Cold Rooms and Freezer Rooms

Silikal MMA Mortar

Silikal reactive resin mortars are proven product for repairing damaged concretes with 100% curing in 1 hour. Its two component system which is mixed at site and applied. The strength of the mortar is 75.0N/mm2 – 105.0N/mm2 which is achieved in 1hour time.

Where it can be applied?

  1. Bridge structures , renovation and underlining of bridge bearings.
  2. Pothole repairs.
  3. Fixing columns and electrical poles
  4. Fixing Screw Bolt anchors.
  5. Fixing Curbstones , etc