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Industrial And Commercial High Pressure Cleaning Equipments



Washboy ®

Industrial And Commercial High Pressure Cleaning Equipments

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Introducing a complete range of industrial cleaning equipment’s and hygiene Flooring solutions.

High Pressure Cleaning Machine

Washboy high Pressure machineWashboy mobile and compact sized cleaners are small machine , but have a stronger and efficent cleaning power.

The high pressure cleaners are designed for all applications ,where  good and   effective cleaning impact is required.

Centralized High Pressure Cleaning Unit

Washboy High Pressure MachineWashboy custom made Centralized machine is designed for the industrial frame to comply the hygienic demand.

Ideal unit for industrial application , easy to use, low maintenance and hepls cleaning faster

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners - Scan Dust

Industrial Vacuum CleanersScanmaskin  Scan-Dust Industrial Vacuum cleaners for dust suction, which can be connected to any small and large industrial grinders used for floor polishing or floor grinding.

MMA Resin Flooring

MMA Floor Coating - Anti-Skid Methacrylate reactive resins (MMA Floor) provide both high mechanical strengths and good flexibility as well as resistance to chemicals and weathering. MMA floor are used for industrial, commerical and residential area. Cure in 1 hour and low VOC product.

Food Processing Industries,Dairy Industry, Beverages Industry, Cold Storages, Restuarts, Cafes etc.,


Our Strength

We Select and design our pumps for Industrial applications, means it can run continuously without stopping. Direct coupled pump and motor makes it more reliable to get the maximum efficiency of power. Time Delayed Stop, means the unit switch off totally within 30 seconds, if it is not in use. To Start again , press the trigger of the gun. this helps to reduce the wear and tear of the unit, save electricity charges and water consumption. All our models are fitted with additional Motor Protection System, it helps to switch off the incoming power in case of phase failure or power fluctuation. Our movable units are easy to handle . Centralized units are the best for the industrial applications. Our continuous improvement process helps our customers rely on our products.

Our Products are renowned in India for the highest in quality, efficiency and reliability.Our Sales and Technical Staff have good experience in addressing and meeting the needs of customers. We pride ourselves in a customer-first attitude throughout the company. We provide professional and industrial cleaning equipment which are very sturdy and meant for handling tough cleaning applications. We recognize that our commitment to you will translate into our long-term success.

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